STL CITY SC and Collina Digital creating a fan experience like no other in the MLS

Mobile App UX & Design

Crafting a fan experience like
no other in the MLS

STL CITY SC Project Overview

Create a fan first experience

Nearly three years ago, this project kicked off with a goal to be consumer ready for the start of the 2023 season. The objective of STL CITY SC was to create a unique fan experience that sets a new standard in professional sports. Collaborating with Collina, we leveraged our expertise in mobile app design, including both UX and UI design, to design and implement a fan-first experience within the STL CITY SC mobile app, compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

Content is King

Taking fans on a journey with STL CITY SC was one of the most important features since the app launched over a year before the first game was ever to be played. We helped create various ways that the content could be consumed to keep fan engagement high. These included galleries, articles, video streaming and fan polls to name a few.

Mobile Ordering

Tasked with elevating the ordering experience beyond a standard POS system, we focused on UI/UX design principles to ensure fans could enjoy more time watching the game rather than waiting in line. Acknowledging St. Louis as a “foodie town,” it was crucial to showcase the incredible restaurants and food partnerships STL CITY secured for the new stadium. We crafted a custom mobile ordering system within the app, emphasizing speed and ease of use, a testament to our prowess in iOS and Android app design.

Players and Team

At STL CITY SC, talent ranges from the MLS team to the foundational academy teams, covering a broad array of players. Our approach in the STL CITY SC mobile app, reflecting our strengths in mobile app design and UX/UI design, focused on highlighting every player. We offered fans easy access to profiles, statistics, and updates across all team levels, ensuring that each player, from professional to academy prospects, received the recognition they deserved. This strategy enhanced the fan experience and fostered a unified community around STL CITY SC.

Get the App

Download the app in the iOS or Android Play stores and interact with our work yourself. Follow along to see all of the new features that will be rolled out soon!

In conclusion, our work on the STL CITY SC mobile app underscores our extensive expertise in native app design, UX design, and UI design, particularly in food ordering and e-commerce platforms. Our proficiency is evident in the seamless integration of diverse features – from engaging content to efficient mobile ordering systems. Understanding the importance of collaborative synergy in achieving exceptional outcomes, we are adept at working alongside existing development teams or building a bespoke team tailored to your project’s unique needs. Our commitment is to deliver solutions that resonate with your audience and contribute significantly to the success of your digital endeavors.

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